David Siteman-Garland Leaves Network Television

This is about my interview with David Siteman-Garland, the creator and host of the podcast “The Rise to the Top” which has been enjoying and gaining quite a number of followers and continues to grow in popularity today. It’s an online podcast with an interview/talk show type format.

He’s had the pleasure of interviewing such personalities as Tim Ferris of “The Four-Hour Work Week” and Patty Stanger from the “Millionaire Matchmaker”. One of his most recent achievements is that he just came up with a really fantastic book entitled “Smarter, Faster, Cheaper”.

During the Lifestyle Design Confessions Interview, I would say that David had certainly opened himself up to us and shared his funny, witty, and even unusual stories. Most of all he also talked about his life changing experiences made up of challenges, failures and also of the current success that his podcast is enjoying now.

For some people, going into the business of lifestyle design happens by accident. There are some of us however who seem to be really cut out to be doing this kind of thing. For David, how he started out could be considered as a little bit of both. He graduated from college with a degree in Women Studies which he admits is pretty unusual for a guy. He’s the type of guy who has this tendency to think out of the box which that actually results to doing things his own way.

He was also a fraternity member and played in the school’s hockey team. Like a lot of people who just came fresh out of college; David didn’t really have a game plan. He’s one of those few people who did not find having a traditional job and being in the corporate world appealing. He was supposed to do some marketing work for a hockey rink which unfortunately did not materialize due to the rink being closed down to be turned into a parking lot.

Being in this predicament actually became the turning point that marked the period where he underwent a “Baptism of Fire” of sorts from the unexpected turnout of events leading to his present success. It seemed like he was someone who happened to be at the right place and at the right time when opportunities presented themselves.

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