Reaching the World with Lifestyle Evangelism

This may come as a surprise… but do you know that you and
I are part of Plan A?

That’s the plan Jesus gave to his followers at the end of
Matthew 28 when he told them to go and make disciples of the
whole world?

Just before he went to heaven, He told them, in effect, look
guys, it’s now up to you. I’m trusting you to reach the
world with my message. I’ll help you, I’ll strengthen you,
but it’s up to you.

Can’t you just hear one of the disciples, maybe Thomas,
saying, “But Lord, what’s plan B?”

There is no plan B.

It’s up to you and me.

A lot of Christians think that they need a theological
degree to share their faith, to be a Bible scholar with a
library of books and seminary training in evangelism.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.

But what really works best is being out there in the world,
as Jesus commanded, just not “of” the world.

What does that mean?

It means that the best way to win people to Christ is
through lifestyle evangelism. Walking the walk, talking the
talk, so to speak. Setting an example. Letting people see
through our lifestyle that our mind is where our mouth is,
that we not only believe what we say about our faith but we
actually live it out.

See, a lot of people have been burned by religion. They have
seen religious hypocrisy and they are not buying mere words.
They are wary. So they watch. They’ are watching you.

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