The Top Six Cancer Causing Lifestyle Habits

Cancer is becoming more and more prevalent these days mainly because we refuse to improve our health and our lifestyles. With just some small changes, the entire human race can really improve things 180 degrees, but consistent action is needed. Let’s take a look at the top 6 cancer causing habits… when you change these, you’re life will change big time!

First, you have living bad lifestyle habits. Things like smoking, too much alcohol consumption, and other behaviors that are dangerous. Just stopping things like these can have a drastic impact on your life. There are no easy ways though. You have to suck it up and change them.

Two, you have getting the right amount of sunlight. Obviously, we are talking about skin cancer here, but each of these is a problem. Too much and you will develop dangerous skin cancer… too little and you won’t get natural vitamin production, like vitamin D, that you need to live.

Third, you have a high fat and low fiber diet. This is really dangerous because fatty foods are not high in nutrients so you won’t be getting the nutrients you need and heart disease is also a risk too. Fiber is really good because it cleans your system out and it helps with food absorption too.

Fourth is having a high body mass index. This essentially means you are overweight and have too much body fat on your frame. Body fat leads to cancers of all types and you will need to create a fitness lifestyle to fight this away.

Fifth, genetics. There is nothing you can really do about this, but knowing about it is important. It will help you to live a great lifestyle to you can mitigate the risks associated with some unfortunately genetics.

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