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Telkomsel has the best inclusion particularly on the external islands, however can be delayed on the primary spots. 4G/LTE has begun on 900 and 1800 MHz in Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Makassar, Lombok and Manado: 4G Coverage Map. In 2016 they reported that their LTE network is currently live in 100 urban communities in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali and Nusa Tenggara, just as Papua, because of the sending of in excess of 4,500 eNode B base handset stations (BTS). 4G access is just conceivable with a 4G-empowered SIM card sold in stores where they have 4G inclusion.  Agen Pulsa Indonesia

Telkomsel managed a versatile organization totalling 146,571 base stations in 2017, of which 65.7% are equipped for supporting 3G/4G administrations. For 4G 900 and 1800 MHz (groups 8 and 3) are utilized and from 2018 also 2300 MHz TD-LTE on band 40.

Their paid ahead of time SIM cards are called SimPATI, Kartu As or Loop while their Kartu Halo is postpaid.


Their 4G SIM cards are accessible at numerous stores and sources at truly factor costs. Suggested deals cost remembering enlistment for an authority GraPARI store is:

for Kartu As and Loop: 5,000 IDR

for SimPATI: 50,000 IDR

They accompany a similar credit pre-stacked legitimate for 30 days in addition to 150 MB information for 3 days.

For sightseers frequently a lot greater costs are charged in different spots and a few sellers particularly in Bali for example at the air terminal are accounted for to charge a numerous of it for an “comprehensive” administration of setting it up. These SIM cards are frequently enrolled on another person. Continuously ask how much credit (‘pulsa’) is stacked on the card and let them show it showed.

Recollect in 2018/9 you just can make certain of not being stopped by appropriately enlisting your SIM card. For outsiders this is just conceivable in an offical store of Telkomsel called GraPARI (store finder) which may include some pausing. You can even now purchase your SIM elsewhere, yet on the off chance that it’s suspended, you should go to GraPARI to save your equilibrium.

Kartu As and Loop are regularly sold less expensive than SimPATI, yet have higher rates for calls and messages and more slow information speeds. That is the reason SimPATI is suggested by most clients and are regularly the lone accessible SIM. For Telkomsel’s 4G inclusion, make certain to get a 4G-empowered SIM unmistakably marked as 4G.

Top-ups can be made at similar places all over town where you see their sign. In Indonesia, each source charges a little additional charge of 1-3% for a top-up of 10,000, 20,000 or 50,000 IDR. This is regular in the nation and no sham, as all top-ups do exclude an edge for the shipper. You may likewise top-up your equilibrium through general stores and minimarkets. Check balance by *888#.

Default information rate

Telkomsel has quite possibly the most convoluted value structures for information on the planet. Thusly just a piece of their unpredictable evaluating can be appeared here. Three distinctive product offerings of SIM cards for paid ahead of time are sold:


Kartu As

Circle (their “childhood line”)

Base rate outside bundles is 100 IDR per 20 KB. Presently things get truly confounded as Telkomsel information rates contrast among districts and different spots where you get it. For the most part you have two options of stacking information to your SIM: Pulsa or Flash, the last is currently likewise called Packet Internet.

Streak (Packet Internet)

Streak as of late renamed in ‘Parcel Internet’ are regular web bundles that are taken from your pre-stacked record balance in IDR. Once more, these bundles vary as per locale. You can enact a bundle by dialing *363# after you have stacked enough rupiahs. The two significant lines SimPATI and Kartu AS can contrast marginally in bundles.

For their provincial evaluating Telkomsel isolates the nation into 12 distinct zones. Sumatra, Java and Bali are the least expensive. The further peripheral the islands are, the higher the rate will be. The Maluku Islands and West Papua are the most costly. Here are the accessible bundles and value ranges relying upon the district where the bundles are purchased, however given out for cross country use:

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