Opportunities in the Telecoms Sector

Employment may be down overall in the UK but in the telecoms sector, recruitment is on the rise. Today the BBC have reported that “graduate job vacancies are predicted to rise by 10%” with the biggest growth coming from the IT and telecoms sectors.

The telecoms industry is rapidly growing. Due to the de-regulation of the market in the nineties, there are many more telecoms companies all buying in bulk at wholesale rates, this is how they can now offer some of the lowest available rates on the market. Alongside this, sophisticated telecoms technology such as the latest mobile phones, fibre optic broadband and an overall much improved infrastructure has led to an increase in sales, customer satisfaction, lower costs and loyalty within the industry. With telecoms products and services providing for the market on such a wide scale, appealing to consumers from all ages, interests and incomes, there is literally something for everyone. Businesses can also benefit from a lot more choice, picking deals and offers with the ability to be bespoke and best suit the individual businesses requirements.


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