Why Is My Wi-Fi Router Not Working?

Why is my Wi-Fi router not working? This is what people ask frequently when they find a slow internet connection or other annoying issues. A Wi-Fi router is a complicated device with sensitive parts inside. So, facing an issue with it frequently shouldn’t leave you surprised. Sometimes, the issues are easily detectable while the other times all efforts go in vain. Acknowledging the things that are causing a trouble in its functionalities are the first things to do when you experience internet connectivity issues.

Usually, Wi-Fi is provided by the broadband service provider with the internet package. It comes in various types of models with all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. But, the issues faced by every model type are mostly common. All you need is to read the below-discussed problems that are known to create issues with Wi-Fi functionalities. Take a close look below:

1. Wi-Fi is working extremely slow:

Many people complain about their Wi-Fi, which is working slower than usual. Their internet speed slows down to very low. The problem arises due to hindrance in receiving internet signals. Sometimes, it is the neighbor’s Wi-Fi, which interrupts with your device signals. Such problems are likely to happen during peak hours. Your neighbors might be using the same channel range as everyone likes to access the internet at a high speed.

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