Etymology 2021

The root of the name Sabah is dubious, and there are numerous hypotheses that have arisen.[27] One hypothesis is that during the time it was essential for the Bruneian Sultanate, it was alluded to as Saba in view of the presence an assortment of banana called pisang saba (otherwise called pisang menurun),[28][29] which is become generally on the bank of the district and famous in Brunei.[30] The Bajau people group alluded to it as pisang jaba.[30] While the name Saba likewise alludes to an assortment of banana in both Tagalog and Visayan dialects, the word in Visayan has the importance of “noisy”.[27] Perhaps because of neighborhood vernacular, the word Saba has been articulated as Sabah by the nearby community.[28] While Brunei was a vassal territory of Majapahit, the Old Javanese commendation of Nagarakretagama portrayed the region in what is presently Sabah as Seludang.

Then, despite the fact that the Chinese since during the Han administration had for quite some time been related with the island of Borneo,[31][32] they didn’t have a particular names for the zone. Rather during the Song administration, they alluded to the entire island as Po Ni (likewise articulated Bo Ni), which is a similar name they used to allude to the Sultanate of Brunei at the time.[27] Due to the area of Sabah according to Brunei, it has been recommended that Sabah was a Brunei Malay word meaning upstream or “in a northerly direction”.[29][33][34] Another hypothesis proposes that it came from the Malay word sabak which implies a spot where palm sugar is extracted.[35] Sabah (صباح) is additionally an Arabic word which signifies “morning”. The presence of different speculations makes it hard to pinpoint the genuine beginning of the name.[36] It is nicknamed “Land Below the Wind” (Negeri Di Bawah Bayu) as the state lies underneath the hurricane belt of East Asia and never battered by any typhoons,[25][37] aside from a few tropical storms.[38]


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