Free Dirct Tv offers Scam or Reality

DirecTV is now so
popular in town and we can see many ads in newspapers, websites and many
other sources stating “Free Satellite TV”, “Get a 4-room Satellite TV
System Free!”, “Satellite TV Dish and Receivers Absolutely
Free!” Some of them also promise incentives
such as DVD players, home theater system, digital camera, and free movie

But is satellite TV really free? The answer to
that question is yes … and no.

Yes, the ‘free’
offers above are for real and there are millions in United States enjoying these kind
of free deals. HOWEVER there are terms and conditions to be complied in order
to get these free deals and free gifts. To get these free deals, you must be
the first time customer for DirecTV. Plus, you must be willing to sign off a
contract saying that you will be taking up their services for more than 12
(some stats 18) months. Cancellation fees are charged if you failed to do so.

How it is affordable to provide free satellite TV ? Simple, the offer actually
says it all. They need you to commit to a year or more of contract so that they
can earn back their money through subscription fees. The competition in the
satellite market is very high. So in order to attract more customers, they are
now sacrificing their upfront cost. Yes, the satellite systems are for free,
the incentive gifts are for real – but they will earn back all these cost
slowly through your every month subscription fees.

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