FAA News and Regulation Update

There’s always something new to know regarding Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations. Here are brief overviews of some of the latest FAA news for fall 2012.

October 16: FAA Approves More Medical Oxygen Units

The FAA has authorized the use of seven more portable oxygen concentrator models for passenger medical use on airplanes. Portable oxygen concentrators are small units that separate oxygen from nitrogen and other gases in the air, and provide oxygen at greater than 90 percent concentration. They do not use compressed or liquid oxygen, which is considered hazardous material.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that U.S. airlines and foreign carriers flying into the U.S. allow passengers to use FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrators during all phases of a flight. The DOT also encourages airlines to voluntarily allow non-approved units because they pose no safety danger.

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