A Day at the Races

Last weekend the family & I decided to have a day at the races ( Horse Racing). So we packed a picnic lunch & headed off. On the way in at the entrance gate I was stopped by security and my bags checked for alcohol and anything else your not allowed to take on to the course. I did pass Go , though the security man told me you are not really even allowed to bring any food or picnic food to the races. Talk about keep a family away for the day and you know what, they are always screaming for the family’s to come to the races. If you can’t take a picnic, what hope has the normal every day family got of attending as they can not afford the inflated cost/prices for the food and beverage’s they charge. Maybe have to have an early lunch then go, or better still stay home and watch it on TV and have a BBQ and a few drinks, get a jumping castle put up for the kid’s and you would still have change, now I am getting excited, but what a day you would have!

Anyway the track is only ten minutes from where we live in the car or a twenty minute walk. Once there or not quite there looking for a car park wow it was packed so I decided to do the nice thing and drop everyone off at the entrance & I go look for a car park, it wasn’t to long before I had found one.

Whilst walking back to the race’s entrance I thought maybe we should have walked as for how far away I had to park. It was not that bad only a few minutes plus those little legs of the children or our legs I should say would have been worn out as I could see us carrying them as well as the picnic bag.


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