Custom Home Theaters For Your Custom Home

A custom home theater is a top-selling feature being added to many custom homes lately. The era of going out to a movie theater is slowly coming to an end as higher-end equipment is becoming more and more available to everyday consumers. It seems like just a while ago that the idea of an HD television was unbelievable, especially the idea that soon every single home in a America would have one. Nowadays, people not only have the option to buy huge HD TVs that are fit to be movie screens, but they have access to digital projectors, movie theater chairs, and much more. Going to the movies can be a sanctuary for some, and for movie buffs, having a custom home theater in your custom home is a dream come true.

There are a few things you should look out for when you are planning to add a custom home theater to your house. Your custom home builder may be qualified to assist you with the planning of the theater if they’ve built several before, mycustomhome but you also have the option of hiring a contractor who specializes in custom home theater design. These experts will analyze several factors that have a huge impact on the quality of your in-home movie experience.

Regardless of who you choose to assist you with your project, the first thing you should do is analyze the layout of the house and the layout of the room you plan to put your theater in. How much space is available? Where in the house is it located? Is it near a noisy area? Will you need additional sound-proofing to prevent everyday background noise? How is the natural acoustics of the room? Will it need to be enhanced? How much space do you have to work with? How many chairs can you fit in the room? Do you plan on putting other items in the room (i.e. a bar)? How far should the audience be from the screen based on the room size? This should give you a good rough draft of a plan that you can press forward with.

You may have already addressed this in your first rough-draft plan, but an essential part of your custom home theater will be the speakers. You’ll probably want surround sound. Do you already have speakers in mind for your system? Do you want in-wall speakers? Do you want mounted speakers that are placed on shelves built into the wall? Where is the best placement for the speakers based on the acoustics of the room? You’ll also want to address proper ventilation for the room to ensure your video equipment, speakers, and movie-goers can breathe easy!

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