A maisonette is a two-story loft inside a bigger structure, by and large with its own passageway. On account of the additional room and the private passage, maisonettes are viewed as extravagance condos. They can be found in skyscraper or low-ascent structures.

Apartment suiteĀ  apartemen

An apartment suite is a unit inside a mid-ascent or elevated structure that is possessed by its inhabitants. For the most part, every unit in the structure is an apartment suite (i.e., they are possessed instead of leased).


A center doesn’t allude to a kind of building, but instead a possession structure. A community is a structure possessed by an occupant worked organization. Singular inhabitants own portions of the enterprise that compare to the size of their loft (yet they don’t really possess their particular unit).

A community proprietor can live in a loft of any size, and in a structure of any sort.

Finding the Perfect Apartment

Understanding the diverse condo and building types is only the initial phase in finding the ideal loft. From that point onward, it’s imperative to pose the correct inquiries so you discover a unit that isn’t just the correct size yet in addition has the perfect measure of light, comforts, and availability. All things considered, you’ll be there for a year, and there’s nothing more awful than finding a significant issue part of the way through your rental period.

Obviously, there’s consistently the alternative to lease an outfitted loft with Landing. With adaptable leases and extravagance outfitting, you can try things out with different diverse condo


A penthouse is customarily the highest level loft of a mid-ascent or tall structure. A penthouse loft normally:

Is open, and probably the biggest unit in a given structure

Has an incredible view

Has additional comforts (rooftop access, private passageway, and so forth)

As per Realtor, penthouses are 5% to 15% more costly than different units in the structure. What’s more, at times, retailers may publicize other extravagance lofts with unique courtesies like outside space as penthouse condos, regardless of whether they aren’t on the highest level.


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