New Condos, Custom Home Choices

Considering a new home? Looking for something that you can make your very own from the ground up? Well, it’s a bit hard to do that with already established homes and new construction homes sometimes offer customizable options but these homes are not what you would call “affordable by the masses.” However there is an option that is a bit more affordable and available. Pre-construction condos are a great value and have the option of being designed by….YOU….with some assistance. Many of the new developments that we are seeing have given the buyers the ability to customize the interior of their new condo with help from local designers and contractors.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get that living space that is uniquely “you.” There are a few different ways that these kind of units are dealt with. The first way is that the units will be ready for your design touch after the walls have been erected and the unit is basically finished aside from things like paint, counter tops, fixtures and appliances. The second way is before the walls go up and the unit is essentially “bare.” This gives buyers some say in how the unit is set up in terms of rooms and layout.

This kind of creative input is something that is extremely difficult to come across in a standard home unless you purchase and renovate it yourself. This, unfortunately is something that bears a fairly staggering cost and can take some time to complete. The pre-construction phase of any condo development is also the best time to buy as units are usually being sold at extremely favorable prices. Indeed, these prices are typically so good that some complexes limit the number of units that can be purchased by one individual. So if you are looking for a new home that speaks to who you are as a person and want the opportunity to have a hand in designing your living space then keep an eye out for pre-construction condos that offer designer options. It may just be the smartest and most personally rewarding purchase you have ever made.

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