3 Free Online Business Tools That Will Increase Your Business Productivity

Whether you are a small business or an entrepreneur on a shoestring budget, saving money as you start growing your business is very important. One step you can take is to use free online business tools in place of expensive business software titles. Luckily, there are many such tools online. Here are three useful ones

Online Word Processor – Google Docs: Google Docs allow you to create, edit and share written documents online. All it takes is a free Google account. The editor will be familiar to anyone who has used popular word processing software. The only downside is some people are concerned about Google’s access to the data you create and save on their servers.

Online Excel Alternative – NumSum : This is a free online spreadsheet service. Without any software on your computer you can create, manage and share spreadsheets with collaborators around the planet. Although Google provides a similar service, to use this one you do not need a Google account, and you do not need to share any personal details. All you need is a valid email address and you can be using the service moments later.

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