Top 4 Team Building Activities

For those of you who are looking for a softer approach to team-building, in-door activities such as wine-tasting, a modern take on the Generation game or even the quirkier activity of learning new Circus skills are all available throughout the UK. These events are a great way of motivating your team to communicate with each other, discover hidden talents and to think creatively.

The CSI challenge is a one-day team building event that mixes fact with fiction. From behind the crime scene you can expect to be kitted out in goggles and a lab coat and then let loose to investigate a series of crime scene events. From finger-printing to handwriting analysis, dental first impressions and document reconstruction, this team building exercise will give you glimpses into the criminal mind as well as the science behind the mysteries. This team building event will have you both working as a team as well as thinking creatively in order to find out what has happened and how it possibly could have been prevented.

Out-door activities are hugely popular and can be beneficial for larger groups of people. Team Building events in Kent are generally set in the beautiful Kent countryside and therefore ensure a completely ‘out of the office’ experience. Activities can include clay pigeon shooting, archery, quad biking, assault courses and even caving. With outdoor pursuits you can be sure that each of the tasks will be tailored to the needs of the training required including the development of problem solving, strategic thinking, communication and discovering leadership skills. Highly experienced staffs are always on hand to ensure the smooth running of the day and refreshments are generally included in the overall price.

Sailing Team building events are highly rewarding for those of you who are more hands on. From an average of between 95.00 pounds and 185.00 pounds per person and a choice of one day, two day or overnight events you can make the most of the packages available which include hire of the boat and protective weather gear, refreshments for breakfast, lunch and dinner (if required) and any other on-board refreshments such as tea/ coffee etc. The price also includes a professional skipper who will guide and teach you about the fundamentals of sailing your way to team building success!

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