SWTOR PvP Guide – One PvP Tip for Each SWTOR Class

To become a super SWTOR PvP player takes a lot of practice, beginning with the lowest level possible. But playing only your class doesn’t cut it. You have to know the other classes as well, to be aware what stuff they may throw at you or how they will attack you. For that, you should either roll a character from each class, or simply learn about their gameplay by using a SWTOR PvP guide.

That’s what I did and in a very short time, I became one of the top PvP players on my server, leader of premades that everyone was eager to join. Since I’ve learned so much about PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic from this SWTOR PvP guide in such a short time, I’m going to share here a PvP tip for each class in this game.

SWTOR PvP Guide – PvP Tips For Galactic Republic Classes

1. Smuggler. Smugglers are excellent crowd controllers and if you choose to play this class in PvP, crowd control attacks are more important than damaging attacks. Since smugglers have fast and barrage ranged attacks, they can fulfill the role of interruptors. Make sure you keep your “Escape” ability at hand, it sure is one of the most important abilities of the smuggler in PvP.

2. Trooper. Troopers can be tanks, off-healers and massive ranged DPS dealers. However, the first role isn’t that much of a requirement Warzones. To have a maximum feeling playing your trooper in PvP it’s best to spec as Commando-Gunner, for focused cannon DPS.

3. Jedi Consular. This class is the main healer of the Galactic Republic, so if you want players to worship you, it’s best to go with the Seer build. As a Jedi Shadow, following the Infiltration spec, this class is very fun to play, but you will have to make maximum use of your stealth-based attacks.

4. Jedi Knight. As a Jedi Knight, one of the Watchman of Combat Sentinel builds are most indicated if you want to act as a strong melee damage dealer. Keep in mind though that your Force Leap and Resolve are very important abilities, so use them wisely.

SWTOR PvP Guide – PvP Tips For Sith Empire Classes

1. Sith Warrior. As a Sith Warrior in PvP I would follow the Vengeance path as a Juggernaut or the Carnage spec as a Marauder. Anyway, just as for the Jedi Knight, make maximum use of the charge ability, slow and knockdowns, because otherwise ranged opponents will kite the crap out of you.

2. Sith Inquisitor. Healer, DPS caster or stealth-based melee DPS are the three choices that you can make as a Sith Inquisitor. Either way, keep your Backlash and Unbreakable Will bound on an easy reachable key.

3. Bounty Hunter. The main cards of a BH in PvP are heavy ranged damage and crowd control. However, it’s best to CC a target when you know for sure that they have used their CC purge ability. Best damaging spec for DPS in PvP should be Arsenal Mercenary.

4. Imperial Agent. Playing this class in PvP you should maximize your ranged attacks, since this is the sniper of the Sith Empire. Otherwise, if you choose a Concealment build, make sure you take maximum advantage of your stealth and only come out when you’re sure you can deal maximum damage, or kill at least one target.

I hope these tips help. Anyway, if you want to become a complete SWTOR player and even run your own premades, I strongly recommend you a SWTOR PvP guide.


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