Non-Olympic disciplines 2021

the ski expressive dance (or acroski): old control where the skier performs figures on a topic tune for a 30 m wide track, 200 meters of length, incline 11 to 16 degrees. This order has not been available at the free-form skiing big showdowns since 1999. In spite of the fact that expressive dance was a showing sport at the Olympic Games in 1988 and 1992, the International Ski Federation not, at this point coordinated an authority rivalry for this control. discipline after the year 2000 8 .  tremplin-numerique

Controls autonomous authority bodies

Practice of freeride skiing in Austria.

These two controls require information on off-piste 9 (freeride) to which should be added gymnastic abilities for backwoods free-form:

Freeride skiing is an off-piste practice on a free course including a characteristic slant dabbed with rough bars driving the skier to pick the course with the presence of judges to score on five standards: line, smoothness, control, bounces and deceives, and method, however there is an overall freeride rivalry called the Freeride World Tour .

backwoods free-form skiing alludes to a control that varies from the past ones by rehearsing in virgin off-piste regions. The skier performs gymnastic figures (switch pivot, snatch , and so forth) from normal obstructions experienced on the ground: stumps, stones or even rough bars, seracs, or counterfeit: springboard ( kicker ), paravalanche, and so on This control is intended to land in powder snow to restrict the danger of injury.


The authority rivalries coordinated by sports leagues

Free-form hop occasion at the Olympic Winter Games.

Free-form skiing offers a few rivalries administered by the International Olympic Committee and the International Ski Federation :

The Olympic Games , coordinated by the International Olympic Committee , are a worldwide game held like clockwork. Free-form skiing has been important for the Olympic program since 1988 .

The World Championships , coordinated by the International Ski Federation , are a worldwide game coordinated at regular intervals since 1986 . They are currently called ” FIS Freestyle, Freeski and Snowboard World Championships “.

The World Cup , coordinated by the International Ski Federation , is a global game coordinated every year since 1980 .

The rivalries at the private activity

Half-pipe at the Winter W-Games.


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