Affirmations and Aikido Kotodama

Affirmations are positive statements that are repeated again and again. After repeating them several times every day, they will begin to develop power behind them to change your outlook on life. Over time this gives you a belief that you can actually reach your dreams desires and life goals.

Using the power developed through Aikido kotodama, you can finally let go of limiting beliefs and have the courage and confidence to get out there and live your life well.

Kotodama sound vibration is the kishin-fukuoka vitality of life and creation, and is the hidden energy source that creates the form and function of universal spirit… known as ki, chi, prana, magnetism, vital life force etc.

In many cultures around the world, words as mantras are traditionally considered sacred, and how they are used is thought to create or destroy someone’s spiritual power.

Each kotodama, whether spoken thoughts, or expressed through movement or form, affects you physically and spiritually. In the religions of the world it is experienced through chanting, prayer and singing.

Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei (1883-1969) the founder of the martial art of Aikido generally thought of his system in terms of the science of sound vibrations. These sounds filled with cosmic energy, activate and sustain creation and through their interaction the universe began.

Every principle has a sacred seed sound, which contains its essence. Aikido is not a fighting art or competitive sport, but a way of experiencing the laws of nature and the universe.

Kotodama is the esoteric science of ‘sound spirit’… the pure sound vibrations manifested as sound, colour and form. Every principle and technique has a sound, a sacred vibration that contains its essence.

In aikido theory, the sounds a, e, i, o, u, gave birth to spirit-matter, fire-water, yin-yang and further evolved into the 75 kotodama sounds that maintain the whole of existence. This cosmology is similar to the tantric concept of the universe, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto and the big-bang theory of physicists.

Morihei, in his talks and sermons, frequently referred to the concept of ‘taka-ama-hara’ (the high plain of heaven, where the Shinto Gods dwell). He also hinted that this universe is not in the sky but in the pit of the stomach ‘hara’ from where he summoned his divine strength and power. Before training he would use the sound vibrations of the kotodama from the centre of his being to activate the flow of energy and light.

In mystical Shinto and esoteric Buddhism, it is believed that the masters, after years of very severe training, can see, with the inner eye, the holy beings of the spiritual realms. ‘Chinkon-kishin’, an ancient Shinto meditation, similar to those used by the Hindus and Tibetans was used to calm the spirit and return to the divine spirit.

Closely related to this practise is ‘Misogi’, ritual purification. Using cold water, in a fast flowing river or beneath a waterfall, to wash away impurities. External misogi for the outer body and internal misogi (breathing techniques) for the inner body aims to leave the mind free from base passions and worldly concerns.

Kotodama was detailed by Morihei Ueshiba as ‘one source, four spirits, three elements and eight powers’…

One Source

The primordial beginning and centre of the universe.

Four Spirits

1. Kusu-mitama: heaven, wisdom, light, principle

2. Ara-mitama: fire, valor, progress, completion

3. Nigi-mitama: water, fidelity, harmony, propriety

4. Sachi-mitama: earth, love, compassion, cherishing

Three Elements

1. Iku-musubi: harmonisation, vapor, fluidity (triangle)

2. Tara-musubi: inhalation, liquid, unification (circle)

3. Tamatsume-musubi: exhalation, solid, solidity (square)

Eight Powers

1. Movement
2. Calm
3. Solidification
4. Release
5. Extension
6. Retraction
7. Unification
8. Division

Morihei Ueshiba often said that the two ‘Secrets’ of Aikido are…

Misogi which deals with methods of purification of mind and body which are the essentials for life… pure air and water, organic food/nutrition, beneficial exercise, good sleep and relaxation, and mind power.

Kotodama – the sound U, which is the origin of spirit and substance, divides into two. Sound A, which is yang/fire energy goes up to heaven. Sound O, which is yin/water energy goes down to earth.

The opposing force that holds the two together between heaven and earth has been called: Ki, Chi, Prana, magnetism, vital life force etc. Vibrations of sound have the Power to connect spirit and form.

By using these concepts in your daily affirmations you will build up real power over time. The main thing is to practise every day, immerse yourself in your chosen sound and be patient.

Tony Wilden

Aikido Health Centre.

Tony Wilden has been studying health and spirituality for over 30 years and Aikido since 1985. He founded the Arun Aikido Club in West Sussex UK in 1992, and has given dozens of demo’s and 1000’s of health treatments.

He offers junior & adult Aikido classes, self defence courses, private lessons & pressure points to individuals & small groups. He is the director of the Aikido Health Centre Website at… and is the author of 3 unique ebooks… Aikido Success Blueprint, Aikido First Aid Kit, and Optimum Health Secrets.

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