The Many Causes And Effects Of Bus Accidents

In most cities, busses provide transportation to the community. Whether public busses, used to get professionals to work throughout the city, or for the younger generation to get children to class on time, busses add convenience and time to our day, and are much better for the environment than the fumes caused by every person driving their individual cars each day.

Fortunately, automobile crashes and accidents involving busses are rare, but they are always a possibility, and when they do happen, action must be taken immediately. Alphafysiotherapie Chronische pijn While there is no comprehensive list of causes of bus accidents and crashes, the following considerations must be made in considering who exactly was at fault.

Driver negligence is the first consideration that one must make in analyzing the accident. Was the driver of the bus unnecessarily distracted by passengers, a cell phone or something else detrimental to their duties? Was the driver simply not focusing on their primary responsibility to his or her passengers’ safety?

There could also be concern that the driver of the bus was driving recklessly which caused the accident, and therefore the personal injury associate with it. Reckless driving could also tie into the above mentioned negligence on the part of the driver, but continues with the reckless endangerment of the passengers and others on the road.

Inclement weather could also be a determining factor in any accident. If the weather conditions are severe, especially if they include rain or high winds, that could affect the vehicle and cause a collision with no fault whatsoever being placed on the driver or the bus itself. While nature is a factor, the drivers are nonetheless trained to deal with these weather contentions and the company should still be held accountable for the malfunction of the machine they were intrusting with their passengers and employees.

There is always a slight possibility that the driver of the bus, or the other vehicle that caused the accident was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While not the first thought of law enforcement, if the driver shows symptoms of intoxication, they should be immediately tested for such.

While busses and other vehicles are inspected regularly, there is always a chance that something was overlooked in the routine maintenance, making the bus unsafe for travel. If the accident was caused due to improper maintenance or to defective machinery then the responsibility of the accident lies with the company that possesses ownership of the bus.

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